Families and dogs together

FOR 15,000 YEARS

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Our company sells high-quality puppies to the USA, European Union, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, Thailand, and many other countries.

Trust matters

During our activity in Dubai, we have been cooperating with two outstanding local companies, Animal World and Pets Habitat. Both companies have an excellent reputation and their shops are very popular among animal lovers in Dubai.

Here, you can read the opinion of the owners of Animal World and Pets Habitat about the activity of Family Puppy and Dr. Gábor Michl’s expertise.

Our mission

Below, you can read the opinion of some of our clients

Our company, Family Puppy (earlier called Gavia Science Bt.) has been serving dog loving families and individuals for 10 years. We keep doing our best to fulfil our mission: bring families together with puppies that best match their wishes and lifestyles. Naturally, we are just as keen on finding the perfect match and companion for our valued single customers.

Since we only offer healthy, high-quality puppies and work in a very reliable and transparent manner, we quickly secured our place in Dubai, one the world’s most demanding markets. Many European and American families live in Dubai whose expectations concerning puppy health and quality are very high. Similarly to expats, local Arab families will only buy the healthiest and most beautiful puppies.

Our success in one of the world’s most sophisticated markets is due mainly to the owner-founder of our company, biologist-zoologist dr. Gábor Michl, who received his PhD degree for his scientific achievements in the study of the behaviour and ecology of free-ranging animals. Dr. Michl is also an outstanding dog expert who can select the most promising match for every customer with an avid eye, relying largely on his experience gained as a breeder of English Bulldogs, West Highland White Terriers and French Bulldogs for more than two decades.