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West Highland White Terrier


Pedigree puppies from show-winner parents are available now. For more information (price, gender, passport etc.), please CLICK ON/TOUCH the images of puppies.

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The price is always influenced by several factors

Family Puppy’s Recommendation

This breed is intelligent and  skilful enough for agility tests, but for participation it requires high-quality training and constant supervision. It is an excellent family dog even for families with an active lifestyle. Since it tolerates “rough” play from children, we can highly recommend it for families with small children as well.  It is very loyal to its owner and family and behaves especially nicely with them. However, it can also be stubborn and overtly independent sometimes.

The Westie is a very lively and confident dog. It cannot be influenced too easily because it trusts its own capabilities very much: it is brave, knows no fear, and is persevering. It is aware of everything that happens around it, and when it senses danger, it signals by barking. The West Highland White Terrier very rarely has a bad nature; it is usually a very playful and cheerful dog, but we should never underestimate its shrewdness and inventiveness. Its presence makes the life the family much more colorful.

As opposed to other dogs, it is relatively peaceful but has difficulties in the street resisting challenges from dogs of the same sex. This “deficiency” can be reduced significantly with proper training and socialization. The  Westie should be taught already as a puppy that cats and other animals are not supposed to be chased, given that it is very much inclined to act so.

The hair of the Westie that is kept as a family pet should be trimmed by a professional dog groomer every three months.  In the meantime, it is sufficient to thoroughly brush its coat once or twice a week. When necessary, we should also have the extra hair trimmed between the paw pads. Its beard must be combed every day. Its outer coat is supposed to be rough, therefore it is not advisable to bathe our dog too often.

The owner should not allow him or herself to be “mesmerised” so much by the Westie’s honest and cheerful nature that he or she lets it get away with anything. The Westie cannot get rid of its bad habits easily and it tends to bark more than necessary. It needs an assertive owner who provides it with consistent training and does not let him or herself be manipulated.

The Westie deserves more than just a few short walks a day. It is a very active breed that loves fetching balls, running around for fun, and just playing in general. Digging is another one of its favourite pastimes, which potential owners who are proud of their gardening skills should always keep in mind.

Explanation of prices

The price is always influenced by several factors:

the appearance of the puppy, which is evaluated by a dog expert
the titles and awards won by the puppy’s parents and other predecessors, which is reflected by its pedigree
and the ratio of supply and demand at the time of you order your puppy.

The price includes

the health certificate

which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)


which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)

an EU Pet Passport with the necessary vaccinations

which is free of charge

(instead of 40 USD)

the shipping crate

which is free of charge

(instead of 40 USD)

the FCI pedigree and a health guarantee

which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)

The price does not include the shipping cost, which depends on the destination. We can tell you the exact price based on the specific information and data that you provide. The shipping cost generally varies between 0-500 USD. We will provide you with detailed information about any questions or concerns you have. Please contact us via the email address below.

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