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The price is always influenced by several factors

Family Puppy’s Recommendation

The Maltese is a first-class luxury dog. It is the family favourite, recommended primarily for ladies and the elderly. Feeding, teaching, and walking it do not pose any problems. It is an ideal indoor dog and a pleasant companion. What we should be aware of is that this breed does not tolerate chaotic conditions too well; it feels the best in a harmonious, relaxed environment.

The Maltese is a cheerful, lively, and very devoted dog that can be characterised as an Intelligent, gentle, kind, and obedient breed. Being so responsive and friendly, it is a truly lovable little pooch. Because of its sensitive nature, strict words impact it very deeply. At the same time, it is a well balanced dog that rarely gets nervous and is very far from ever becoming aggressive. It is very loyal to its owner and family and does not like being left alone. This is not necessary, anyway, since due to its small size and excellent ability to adapt, its owner can take it with him or her practically anywhere. It is not suitable for being kept outdoors. It barks only when something seems to be out of the ordinary.

The Maltese is a very sociable dog that gets along perfectly well with other dogs, pets, and children alike. Its owner must pay special attention, however, to make sure that little kids do not play too wildly with it. It usually welcomes visitors with great enthusiasm.

Although its grooming needs are definitely not low, this breed still has a great advantage: it does not shed. Its coat is supposed to be long, reaching the ground, parted along the back. The long hairs on the top of its had are generally tied  up with an elastic band. The coat has to be brushed through thoroughly every day and washed regularly. If we keep the Maltese “only” as a family dog, its hair should be trimmed from time to time to make grooming easier. Tear stains may occasionally develop under the eyes of Maltese dogs, which can be prevented by using the proper solution designed for this specific purpose.

Teaching a Maltese is relatively easy. It learns very quickly, especially if it receives consistent and unambiguous orders in a cheerful tone of voice, and if we also reward it for displaying the desirable behaviour. Since it reacts very sensitively to scolding, strict treatment, and the atmosphere prevailing in the home, it should never be trained with harsh methods.

The exercise needs of the Maltese are low, so it does not require long walks. However, if its owner loves walking, this lovely dog is happy to accompany him or her. We do not need to worry that our Maltese may escape since it does not like to lose sight of its owner. It behaves in an absolutely calm manner inside the home, that‘s why it can be an deal companion for the elderly.

Explanation of prices

The price is always influenced by several factors:

the appearance of the puppy, which is evaluated by a dog expert
the titles and awards won by the puppy’s parents and other predecessors, which is reflected by its pedigree
and the ratio of supply and demand at the time of you order your puppy.

The price includes

the health certificate

which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)


which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)

an EU Pet Passport with the necessary vaccinations

which is free of charge

(instead of 40 USD)

the shipping crate

which is free of charge

(instead of 40 USD)

the FCI pedigree and a health guarantee

which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)

The price does not include the shipping cost, which depends on the destination. We can tell you the exact price based on the specific information and data that you provide. The shipping cost generally varies between 0-500 USD. We will provide you with detailed information about any questions or concerns you have. Please contact us via the email address below.

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