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French Bulldog


Pedigree puppies from show-winner parents/grandparents are available now.  For more information, please click on the images

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The price is always influenced by several factors

Family Puppy’s Recommendation

The French Bulldog is kept almost exclusively as a beloved companion. A typical family dog, it is highly recommended for families with little kids as well.

The French Bulldog is a unique, funny, open, cheerful and playful dog. It is intelligent and smart, but when it takes something into its head, it can be rather stubborn. Although brave, enthusiastic and physically tough, it can also be very sensitive: it senses immediately if the atmosphere is bad inside the home, and gets very upset over strict scolding. It is a very kind and friendly animal, perhaps that’s why it does not like being alone. The French Bulldog feels happy and content only as a member of the family. It watches alertly what happens in its surroundings and in case of possible danger, it signals by barking. In general, however, it does not bark much at all.

It usually gets along very well with children, even with tiny toddlers. Thanks to its extraordinary tolerance and unique sense of doggie humor, it can be a great playmate for children. It has a good relationship with other pets, provided it was raised in their company from puppy age. The French Bulldog is generally friendly with people and greets visitors with enthusiasm.

The French Bulldog’s fur requires relatively little grooming. During the shedding season, dead and loose hair can be easily removed from its coat with a brush. In the rest of the year, it is enough to brush his coat through once a week, preferable with a brush of strong bristles.

Being a smart and fast learner, this dog is easy to teach, especially if the training sessions take place in a cheerful atmosphere and its owner always makes it clear when he or she is satisfied with its performance. Its facial expression, however, may often be misleading, that’s why consistence is so important. This breed reacts very sensitively to its owner’s intonation.

The French Bulldog loves playing and fooling around, but it dislikes long walks. It does not tolerate heat well, therefore providing it with a cool place and fresh water is extremely important. Because of its short nose, it must avoid intensive exercise in hot weather. During the summer, the best idea is to take it for a walk in the morning and/or in the evening. This breed is especially suitable for being kept indoors. French Bulldogs practically have no hunting instinct and do not tend to wander off on their own.

Explanation of prices

The price is always influenced by several factors:

the appearance of the puppy, which is evaluated by a dog expert
the titles and awards won by the puppy’s parents and other predecessors, which is reflected by its pedigree
and the ratio of supply and demand at the time of you order your puppy.

The price includes

the health certificate

which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)


which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)

an EU Pet Passport with the necessary vaccinations

which is free of charge

(instead of 40 USD)

the shipping crate

which is free of charge

(instead of 40 USD)

the FCI pedigree and a health guarantee

which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)

The price does not include the shipping cost, which depends on the destination. We can tell you the exact price based on the specific information and data that you provide. The shipping cost generally varies between 0-500 USD. We will provide you with detailed information about any questions or concerns you have. Please contact us via the email address below.

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