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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Pedigree puppies from show-winner parents/grandparents are available now.

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The price is always influenced by several factors

Family Puppy’s Recommendation

This breed is a wonderful companion both for families with a sporty lifestyle, and for less active or elderly people. Under proper supervision it can achieve good results in dog sports, including agility and obedience.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a breed famous for its cheerful, gentle, and friendly nature. Always balanced and never nervous, this small canine is charming and intelligent at the same time. It is sensitive, “confident”, active, and energetic, but not loud at all. Although obedient and adaptive in general, it can also be stubborn sometimes, finding great pleasure in chasing small wild animals. While it enjoys the attention and presence of its owner very much, it does not mind being left alone occasionally.

Being a dog of adaptive and company-loving nature, it hardly ever has any problems with fellow canines and other pets. It also gets along well with children. Although it signals the arrival of strangers by barking, just like most dog breeds, it is very friendly towards everyone and not particularly alert.

Its fur should be combed regularly, especially on the chest, on and behind the ears, and between the legs. The long hair on the ears and paws should be kept clean, nails trimmed short.

This breed can be trained easily as it likes to learn and is smart enough to understand what they want from him. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a very timid dog, thus it should never be treated in a rude manner; too tough training would only make this gentle soul shy and nervous. The best results can only be achieved if proper behaviour is rewarded. Its owner must be consistent and use his voice a lot to signal whether he or she is satisfied with the dog’s behaviour or not.

This small dog is not too needy when it comes to exercise. It is lively and playful, ready to accompany its owner even on several-hour-long hikes with no problems. If a walk is left out of its daily schedule once in a while, it can easily adapt to that as well. Every Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves playing with and fetching balls, roll around the grass in the garden or roam off leash freely in nature.

Explanation of prices

The price is always influenced by several factors:

the appearance of the puppy, which is evaluated by a dog expert
the titles and awards won by the puppy’s parents and other predecessors, which is reflected by its pedigree
and the ratio of supply and demand at the time of you order your puppy.

The price includes

the health certificate

which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)


which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)

an EU Pet Passport with the necessary vaccinations

which is free of charge

(instead of 40 USD)

the shipping crate

which is free of charge

(instead of 40 USD)

the FCI pedigree and a health guarantee

which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)

The price does not include the shipping cost, which depends on the destination. We can tell you the exact price based on the specific information and data that you provide. The shipping cost generally varies between 0-500 USD. We will provide you with detailed information about any questions or concerns you have. Please contact us via the email address below.

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