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Dogue de Bordeaux


Pedigree puppies from show-winner parents/grandparents are available now.

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The price is always influenced by several factors

Family Puppy’s Recommendation

This breed has often played in movies during the past thirty years, which has contributed to its great popularity. It is in fact due to its excellent qualities that this breed can be highly recommended to individuals or families that have a house with a garden or live in a spacious rural mansion and long for a big and brave friend.

This breed is an outstanding guard and family dog. It is calm, well-balanced, very loyal and pleasing to its family, friendly and open even towards strangers. The Dogue de Bordeaux is an excellent protection dog that never attacks without a reason and has a reliable sense of serious threat. It is capable of protecting the family’s home very persuasively. It does not bark much, but once it lets its deep and throaty voice out, it must be happening for a reason.

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a calm breed with a high stimulus threshold. It is not unsociable by nature, rather placid and patient with children, and can be kept in twos. It loves every member of the family, is very devoted, gentle, and loyal. It gets along with other pets fine, although a sufficient amount of socialisation is indispensable.

Caring for the dog’s coat is simple; loose hairs can be removed easily with a brush during the shedding period. To avoid any disorders, such as dysplasia,  caused by fast bone growth, the breed requires a well thought-over feeding and exercise routine from puppy age through to adulthood

The breed tends to be stubborn. This gentle giant responds best to loving and consistent instruction, so it is enough to use the right tone of voice to teach the dog what is or is not allowed. Harshness will only cause harm. The Dogue de Bordeaux, once it has been trained properly, is obedient and not inclined to wander off. The teaching and training of this breed requires a lot of patience, love, and perseverance.

On average, one to two walks daily will do. Nevertheless, this breed should preferably be kept in a house with a garden. It is sensitive to heat, and thus can easily get a heat stroke, so it requires extra attention during the summer.

Explanation of prices

The price is always influenced by several factors:

the appearance of the puppy, which is evaluated by a dog expert
the titles and awards won by the puppy’s parents and other predecessors, which is reflected by its pedigree
and the ratio of supply and demand at the time of you order your puppy.

The price includes

the health certificate

which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)


which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)

an EU Pet Passport with the necessary vaccinations

which is free of charge

(instead of 40 USD)

the shipping crate

which is free of charge

(instead of 40 USD)

the FCI pedigree and a health guarantee

which is free of charge

(instead of 30 USD)

The price does not include the shipping cost, which depends on the destination. We can tell you the exact price based on the specific information and data that you provide. The shipping cost generally varies between 0-500 USD. We will provide you with detailed information about any questions or concerns you have. Please contact us via the email address below.

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