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Our company sells high-quality puppies to the USA, European Union, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, Thailand, and many other countries.

Dr. Gábor Michl

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Dr. Michl conducting field research

Biologist/zoologist Dr. Gábor Michl (MSc, PhD), is the owner and dog expert of Family Puppy / Gavia Science, who used to be a breeder of English Bulldogs, West Highland Terriers and French Bulldogs himself for more than 15 years. With his dogs, he was a regular participant at dog shows where they won numerous awards (CACIB, CAC, HPJ, Derby-winner ,etc.). During breeding and preparing dogs for competition, as well as through friendships with other dog breeders, he became familiar with and quite knowledgeable about many other breeds. His professional interest led directly to the development of his expertise in deciding how to select from a litter of 7-12-week-old puppies the one that has the highest chance to rise above the average, both in appearance and in character. During the past two decades, several hundred customers have benefited from his experience and special knowledge while he helped them find the dog of their dreams. See more here

As a field biologist, Dr. Michl has been studying the behaviour of free- ranging animals, primarily birds, for several decades. He earned his PhD degree for his outstanding research results. His scientific articles were published in such prestigious leading journals as the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA, the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Animal Behaviour, and Behavioral Ecology. Dr. Michl also wrote three scientific books, of which the one on birds is still currently available:

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